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Single Fluid Heating Systems

S2 Engineering design, manufacture and install single fluid heating systems (SFHS) in a number of standard and bespoke configurations.
Heating systems are used in the manufacture of Bulk Drugs, API & Fine Chemicals and Batch processing. Typical Stanseals system application duties include;

  • Individual hot thermal fluid generator – Temperature up to 300°C (572°F)
  • Combined clean hot & cold thermal fluid generator – Temperature range -100°C to 300°C (-148°F to 572°F).. (SFHCS model)

Design Features

  • Designed to Current Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (cGAMP)
  • Full PLC control for operational reliability
  • Tamper Proof - Electronics closed in lockable cabinets
  • Record and retrieve the isolator operation data.
  • Multilevel password protection for Isolator operation, maintenance and control


  • Thermal Control Unit Control
  • Reactor Control
  • Process Equipment performance management
  • Batch reaction
  • Distillation
  • Crystallisation
  • Hydrogenation
  • Drying

Operational Benefits

  • Stable, reliable and accurate results
  • Clear visibility of system operational performance: Digital display, lights & alarms
  • Operation safe
  • No changeover between different utilities avoids cross contamination.
  • Non corrosive and clean fluids means “ No Corrosion” and “ No Scaling”
  • Thermal fluid having wide temperature range can be selected to provide flexibility.
  • Single pipeline for Fluid Inlet and Outlet to process area reduces chances of leakages.
  • Non water based utilities reduces risk for water reactive processes.
  • Accurate temperature control to ±1°C can be achieved.
  • Automated continuous temperature control without any interruption for changeover possible.
  • Fast heating and cooling profiles can be achieved, reducing batch time.
  • Programmable ramp based heating and cooling possible meeting requirement of critical processes like crystallization.
  • Smooth temperature changeover avoids thermal shock to equipment as well as products.
  • 21 CFR compliant Data logging possible for regulatory compliance.
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