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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers ANFD

S2 Engineering (S2) provide a full turnkey service for Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD's) from design and manufacture to assembly, installation and commissioning.
Our ANFD's are innovatively designed and engineered to help improve plant operational processes efficiency. We can also provide ANFD's with barrier isolator (Glove box) technology for contained discharge and/or charging operations.
We are experienced in process media filtration and drying performance and provide equipment with high levels of safety and quality that meets all appropriate industry regulations.Our ANFD's feature a differential mixing agitator and paddle that moves vertically for a thorough mix performance. The filter drier agitator consists of a series of sharp curved blades that achieves mixing penetration into difficult cakes without undue product stress. While moving and lifting the cake media around the internal clearances within the filter dryer, agitation mixing efficiency is achieved through differential velocities.

Our Stainless Steel Reactors are manufactured and finished to the highest standards, as shown in the examples below.Clearly price benefical, carbon steel glass-lined reactors can be finished in a range of colours to suit your plant requirements.

Agitated Nutsche filter Dryers (ANFD) is a filtration technique used in applications such as;

  • Textiles and Dye
  • Paints, Varnish and surface coatings
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Waste water treatment

ANFD Design Features

  • cGMP equipment design and construction
  • Single (Monoblock) or Double (Detachable base) model options
  • Highly efficient drying with integrated heating system
  • Minimum gap design allowing reflux cleaning to achieve typically 2.5ppm to non-detectable
  • Minimum solvent volumes beneath filter mesh for process optimisation
  • Direct heel recovery system to improve productivity
  • Sealed single piece agitators prevents leakage of heat transfer fluid into the process media

ANFD Integrated Discharge Barrier Isolator

S2's is part of a Group of Companies which includes Schematic Engineering Industries - a leading supplier of barrier isolators. As such, S2 is able to supply their ANFD's with an integrated barrier isolator, as detailed below and shown in the photo.
Our ANFD Barrier Isolators have the following features;

  • Rugged 316 Stainless Steel build with fully welded, large radius and polished corners
  • Push-push type safe changeable HEPA filters on inlet and outlet vents
  • cGAMP - PLC/HMI controlled - Digital pressure controller or Electrical controller to maintain a constant pressure
  • Integrated Clean In Place / washable to reach every corner of chamber
  • Integrated Weighing Scale, Nutsche Filter, Vacuum Tray Dryer, Continuous liner port and Drum loader
  • Complete Documentation – FDS, DQ, FAT, IQ, OQ, OMM, Leak test, Lux, Noise, Air change, Filter integrity, Glove test and OEL
  • Isolator raise/lower systems for operator comfort
  • Split Butterfly valve for safe transfer of material
  • Multiple or Single Chambers
  • Oxygen monitoring / Nitrogen inertization

ANFD Benefits

S2 provide ANF's with an integrated Dryer, to optimise production efficiency. This is termed an ANFD. The ANFD multipurpose agitator and drying solution with an unique feature being that the agitator performs a number of operations through movement in axes both parallel and perpendicular to the shaft.
This filter dryer was developed due to plant operator safety requirements and environmental concerns when processing solvents, particularly the issues surrounding solvent evaporation. The ANFD provides filtration under vacuum or pressure in a closed-loop system, a sealed vessel where solids can be discharged straightaway into a dryer. The key benefits of the S2 ANFD solution include;

  • Slurry contents are kept fluidized until most of the mother liquor is filtered.
  • When filtration is complete, the cake develops cracks causing upsets in the vacuum operation. This hinders removal of mother liquor. The ANFD is used to maintain a uniform cake, improving the quality of the delivered product.
  • Versatility is achieved in filtration, washing, re-slurring and drying with complete automation thus reducing the capital and operating costs.
  • The detachable portable filter unit improves filter access and maintenance/replacement.
  • FEP elastomer sealing provides optimised chemical compatiability - idea for plant batch operations

Reactor Design Features

  • Single piece – Monoblock design
  • Dual Piece – Detachable bottom type
  • Bayonet design detachable filter unit. This comprises of precision machined interlocking castellations for aligning and holding the shell and bottom bed. This avoids the complex and manually intensive C clamp arrangement.
  • Super Clamp design detachable filter. This involves a sprung collar with single hydraulic clamp means.
  • CE (one piece lid/body) and AE (removable lid for cleaning) models are available

Alternate Materials of Construction: In addition to various grades of Stainless Steel (304, 316 and 416), ANFD's can be supplied in a number of different materials of construction including Alloy 20, Titanium, Alloy 22 and Alloy C276 (Hastelloy C).
Chemical Resistant Coatings: Compared to exotic alloy materials, chemical resistant coatings provide a lower coat of supply solution when processing highly aggressive substances. Our StanCoat high chemical resistant coating is an example of such a coating and this is also conducive for food grade applications

ANFD Technical Info

  • Design & Construction: ASME Sec.VIII, Division-I, Latest Edition
  • Main Dimensions: Designed to suit specific applications
  • Flange Drilling: ANSI - B 16.6, #150
  • Capacity: Typically supplied from 2L (for Kilo labs) to 12,000L (for bulk production), although larger models can be designed to suit client requirements.
  • Pressure: 0-6 barg (0-90 psig)
  • Operating Temperature: up to 200 Deg.C (390 Deg F.)
  • Filtration: 10-200 Micron

The table below shows the S2 Engineering standard ANFD and ANF model numbers and capacities.

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