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Distillation Columns
Distillation Columns

Distillation Columns

Distillation is one of the most popular separation technique of separating chemical substances depending on differences in their volatilities in a boiling liquid mixture. It is a process in which a mixture of liquid or vapour with two or more substances is separated into its desired purity component fractions by the application and removal of heat. It is usually a part of a larger chemical process and hence also referred to as a unit operation.
S2 Engineering (S2) design, manufacture, assemble, install and commission distillation column's as part of their turnkey process equipment solution supply.
S2's distillation columns are widely used in various industrial applications, especially in gas plants, to make the process of distillation more efficient. Distillation columns are specially designed columns in the shape of a tall metal cylinder internally fitted with perforated horizontal plates to achieve this separation efficiently.


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S2 manufacture both batch and continuous distillation columns, as outlined below.

  • Batch column: Here the column feed is introduced batch-wise. In other words once the column is charged with a 'batch', the distillation process starts and when one batch is completed, the distillation of the next feed starts.
  • Continuous column: Continuous columns process on the other hand involves a continuous feed stream. No interruptions occur unless and until there is a problem with the surrounding process units. Continuous column is the most common type of distillation column and can handle high throughput.

Distillation Column App's

Some of the common application areas for Distillation Columns are found in the following industry sectors:

  • Gas Plants
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Food processing
  • Fertiliser
  • Type: Single or Double plinth designs

DCB Applications

S2 V-Blenders are used in many industry sectors including;

  • Pharmaceutics,
  • Dyes/dye intermediates,
  • Inorganic chemicals,
  • Temperature sensitive materials,
  • Plastics,
  • Agrochemicals,
  • Organic chemicals

Distillation Columns Options

The following design options can be supplied as standard on the S2 Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy Distillation Column range.

  • Staircase and operator platform/gantry (for larger vessels)
  • Jacketed for heating/cooling of the receiver contents whilst in storage.
  • Thermal Control Units - for supplying heating/cooling fluid to the Receiver jacket where no plant means is available. This type of self-contained system is typically employed in remote storage units/sheds/warehouses.

Distillation Column Design Features

S2 manufacture Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy Distillation Columns with the following design features;

  • cGMP equipment design and construction
  • Robust, safe construction
  • Flange Drilling: ANSI - B 16.6, #150
  • Manufactured in accordance with international specifications
  • Non-clogging design. Easy to clean
  • Vertical design in batch or continuous column format
  • Innovative internal perforated horizontal plates
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