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Thermal Control Units TCUs

S2 Engineering design, manufacture, install and commission bespoke closed-loop thermal fluid heating and cooling systems to suit the clients requirements.
These Thermal Control Units (TCU's) are efficient and robust systems and available as either a skid mounted unit or with a full safety enclosure. They are offered with a full range of ancillary options including plate heat exchangers, accumulators, valves, instrumentation and PLC control panels (cGAMP).
The TCU's are offered in both single fluid (oil) cooling and heating systems as well as hot water systems, as summarised in the information below. Thermal Control Units can also be customised to meet client's process needs using the following modules designed and manufactured by Sunrax;

  • Individual clean hot water generator – Temperature up to 95°C (203°F)Individual clean cold water generator – Temperature up to 10°C (50°F)
  • Individual hot thermal fuid generator – Temperature up to 300°C (572°F)
  • Individual cold thermal fuid generator – Temperature up to -80°C (-112°F)
  • Combined clean hot & cold water generator – Temperature range 30°C to 95°C (86°F to 203°F)
  • Combined clean hot & cold thermal fuid generator – Temperature range -100°C to 300°C (-148°F to 572°F)

Operational Benefits

  • Reliable and Efficient operation
  • Factory set and unauthorised operator tamper-proof
  • Operator safe (when supplied enclosed)

Design Features

  • Self-contained, plug and play system
  • Robust construction
  • Modular Construction; wide range of ancillary equipment options


  • Pharmaceutical & Chemical processing
  • Refineries, Petrochemical and Renewable Energy
  • Textile processing
  • Automotive manufacturing plants
  • Food & Beverage processing
  • Rubber & plastics processing
  • Publishing & print industries
  • Metal fabrication and finishing services
  • Paper production companies
  • Natural gas processing & transmission
  • Crude oil extraction, processing, & transmission
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