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Hot Water Systems

S2 Engineering provide a range of standard and bespoke hot water skid systems for use in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage industry sectors in clean utilities.
Each S2 hot water skid system incorporate a stainless steel storage tank, hot water circulation pump, flexible stainless steel hose pipes, water heating system, sampling valves, drain valves and all sensor inlet valves. This is our entry level hot water utility system and can be adapted to the following application duties;

  • Individual clean hot water generator – Temperature up to 95°C (203°F) - (CHW model)
  • Combined clean hot & cold water generator – Temperature range 30°C to 95°C (86°F to 203°F) (CHCW model)

Our modular solutions include a range of pre-treatment systems each supplied with their own controls or configured for operation as part of a central control system. Some of the key design and technical features of the S2 Engineering Hot Water System includes;


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Technical Features

  • S2 Engineering hot water systems are designed to a range of Current Best Practice standards and international specifications.
  • Individual clean hot water generation – Temperature up to 95°C (203°F)
  • Whatever your operational requirement or technical compliance need, S2 Engineering can supply.


Applications for S2 Engineering skid hot water systems vary from industry sector to industry sector, but can include;

  • Sterile Water for Injection (SWFI)
  • Water for Irrigation
  • Future Monographs (e.g., Water for Hemodialysis)

Operational Benefits

  • Consistent and reliable 100% quality water supply
  • Stable and accurate sensor/instrumentation feedback for ideal system management (where specified)
  • Clear visibility of system operational performance: Digital display, lights & alarms (where specified)
  • Operationally safe
  • Energy efficient
  • Operational savings through increased productivity and process uptime.
  • Quality, low maintenance, robust construction

Design Features

S2 Engineering Hot Water modular systems are designed to Current Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and include the following design features.

  • Tank and pipework materials of construction for optimum chemical and heat compatibility are typically Stainless Steel (316 or 316L)
  • Elastomeric members such as gaskets and diaphragms are typically Teflon, EPDM, Silicone and Viton (FDA approved where required)
  • The tanks are designed to be fully drainable (minimum slope 1/8” per foot
  • Hygienic tank and system design of components - no bug traps
  • Minimize Dead Legs (<= 2 pipe diameters)
  • Smooth Surfaces - high mechanical polish/buff
  • Mechanically sealed centrifugal Pump or Canned motor pump providing leak tight pumping.
  • Gasketed or welded plate heat exchanger providing efficient and quick heat transfer.
  • 2 way or 3 Way Globe Control Valve providing accurate temperature control of uid and product.
  • Expansion tank to accommodate volume changes expected in thermal fluid.
  • Strainers and non return valves for pump and equipment protection.
  • Temperature transmitters and Pressure gauges for measurement of operating parameters.
  • All electrical components like drive motor, wiring in flameproof construction.
  • Seamless pipes and fitting in SS304 or on specific requirement.
  • PID or PLC based control system.
  • Simple Flameproof Operating Panel or IS HMI as man –machine interface.
  • All components are assembled on compact skid to reduce installation and testing time at site.
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