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Storage Tank
Storage Tank

Storage Tanks

Since most liquids can spill, evaporate, or seep through even the smallest opening, special consideration must made for their safe and secure handling. This usually involves building a bunding, or containment dike, around the tank, so that any leakage may be safely contained.
Some storage tanks need a floating roof in addition to or in lieu of the fixed roof and structure. This floating roof rises and falls with the liquid level inside the tank, thereby decreasing the vapor space above the liquid level. Floating roofs are considered a safety requirement as well as a pollution prevention measure for many industries including petroleum refining.
S2 Engineering (S2) manufacture stainless steel and exotic allow storage tanks to international specifications. Our Storage Tank designs are available in both vertical and horizontal models to suit site preference / physical space available. Horizontal storage tanks have capacities ranging from 2,000 to 16,000 litres whilst vertical designs have capacities ranging from 500 to 30,000 litres.

S2 Storage

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Our Stainless Steel Reactors are manufactured and finished to the highest standards, as shown in the examples below.Clearly price benefical, carbon steel glass-lined reactors can be finished in a range of colours to suit your plant requirements.

Storage Tank Applications

The following design options can be supplied as standard on the S2 Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy storage tank range.

  • Staircase and operator platform/gantry (for larger vessels)
  • Jacketed for heating/cooling of the receiver contents whilst in storage.
  • Thermal Control Units - for supplying heating/cooling fluid to the Receiver jacket where no plant means is available. This type of self-contained system is typically employed in remote storage units/sheds/warehouses.

Storage Tank Application

Some of the common application areas for storage tanks are found in the following industry sectors:

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Biotechnology
  • Food processingBrewary and BeverageWater and WasterPulp and Paper
  • Brewary and Beverage
  • Water and WasterPulp and Paper
  • Pulp and Paper

Storage Tank Design Features

S2 manufacture Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy storage tanks with the following design features;

  • cGMP equipment design and construction
  • Robust, safe construction
  • Sealed single piece optional heating jacket
  • Non-clogging design. Easy to clean
  • Both Horizontal and Vertical designs available
  • Manufactured in accordance with international specifications

Storage Tank Specification

S2's range of Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy storage tanks are supplied to the following technical specifications;

  • Design & Construction: AMSE Sec.VIII, Division-I, Latest Edition
  • Main Dimensions: Designed to suit specific applications. Typically the sizes follow the industry standard vessel length/diameter ratios of between 1/3-15 range.
  • lange Drilling: ANSI - B 16.6, #150
  • Capacity: Typically supplied from 63L to 16,000L
  • Operating Pressure: 0-6 Barg (0-90 psig)
  • Operating Temperature: Ambient (Jacketed versions can be supplied 0-200 Deg.C (0-390 Deg F.))
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