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Heat Exchangers

S2 Engineering design, manufacture and install a range of modular shell and tube heat exchangers, engineered to efficiently remove/add heat from a specific application/duty.
Our Shell and Tube heat exchanger systems are highly efficient and are preferred when there is a good quality source of secondary fluid (such as mains/ring water) used for the Shell side of the system.
The heat exchangers shown to the right were manufactured in our Hyderbad facility in a 20 off batch.
S2 has also manufactured exotic alloy heat exchangers including designs from Titanium Grade 2


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Design Features

  • Designed to Current Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (cGAMP)
  • Robust Design
  • Modular construction
  • Tube fluid is designed to take the most efficient heat removal route through the system

Operational Benefits

  • Highly efficient heat removal through fluid conduction means
  • Ideal when a secondary (shell) fluid source is available
  • Seamless tube with smooth, polished surface finish is supplied as standard. A totally parallel outside diameter (crevice-free design ensuring no contamination) is available on request

Technical Features

Suitable for most hygienic applications as found in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Chemical, Food, Beverage and API / Bulk Drugs sectors including;

  • General plant water systems
  • Water for injection (WIP) applications
  • Purified water systems
  • Purified plus water systems
  • Clean-in-Place (CIP) applications
  • General product heating and cooling duties
  • API Plan 23 applications
  • API Plan 21 applications

Technical Specification

Our standard Shell and Tube heat exchangers are typically supplied to the technical specification below. Customised heat exchangers are designed to suit specific applications.

  • Heat Transfer Area: from 0.1m2
  • Materials: 316L Stainless Steel Tube, 304L Stainless Steel Shell
  • Gasket: PTFE, EPDM, FEP
  • Surface Finish: 0.3 - 0.8 micrometers MP
  • Tri-Clamp Connection: ASME BPE, DIN32676, DIN11864-3, ISO2037. Customised options are available.
  • Shell Connection: Flange to DIN2635/EN1092, ANSI B16.5. Customised options are available.
  • Pressure Vessel Code: ASME VIII (PED for Europe)
  • Temperature: -15 to 200 Deg C
  • Pressure: 10 barg (15- psig). Higher pressure versions are available on request.
  • Design: U-tube, straight and multipass
  • Insulation: Optional. Mineral wool (ASTM C795) with Stainless Steel Cladding
  • Welding: According to latest ASME
  • Double Tube Sheet: Optional as this protects against service media leaking into the product
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