Nauta Dryers

Vacuum Tray Dryers (VTD)

S2 Engineering design and manufacture Vacuum Tray Dryers (VTD's) that are easy to use and consume less power than other traditional types of Dryers. We design VTD's from laboratory to production scale and can meet sterile process requirements when necessary for drying highly toxic or sensitive products.
We can customise our VTD's where needed and have both circular and rectangular drying systems along with a vacuum pump system to fulfil the operational requirements of our client applications.
Our products are typically manufactured from stainless steel as shown. Where required, the contact and vapour parts can be finished with high corrosion resistant materials including Teflon plastic coating, StanCoat and Alloy C276 (Hastelloy).
The main design features, benefits and applications of the S2 Vacuum Tray Dryers are listed below.


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Vacuum Tray Dryers (VTD's) is a drying technique used in applications such as;

  • API & Bulk Drugs
  • Laboratories and research centres
  • S2 VTD's can be built as an integral unit with glove boxes and barrier isolators for sensitive/hazardous products. See our Group barrier isolator company

VTD Benefits

  • Low power consumption compared to traditional drying technologies
  • Baffled shelfs provide effective heat transfer
  • The manifold connection position inhibits product contamination
  • Vapour condensation unit and receiver aids solvent recovery
  • Rounded edge and corners provide easy and efficient cleaning
  • Modular design reduces overall manufacturing costs and allows our S2 VTD's to be competitively price positioned.


S2 Vacuum Tray Dryers can be configured to suit client specific applications. Our design is based around a modular them and some of the design options we supply include;

  • Heatable dryer door
  • Inclined bottom with integrated collecting pipe and discharge nozzle
  • CIP cleaning device for the repeatable cleaning
  • Carrier gas lance for the optimal distribution of the carrier gas via all shelves
  • Wall installation brackets for the installation of the dryer onto a clean/lab room wall

Technical Specification

  • S2's Vacuum Tray Dryers (VTD's) are designed as stand alone units or integral systems inside a barrier isolator (glove box) unit. The technical specifications of each are shown below. Bespoke designs are made to suit client specific requirements as needed.

Design Features

  • Modular Design with high attention to operator health, safety and access.
  • Rounded edges and corners throughout the design
  • Sturdy welded external chamber reinforcement ensures maximum operating protection and dependability under full vacuum operation
  • Hollow pad type baffled heating shelfs
  • All shelf to manifold connectors are located outside the dryer chamber
  • Validation ports and nitrogen purge nozzles
  • Fluid heating and circulating systems either steam or electrically heated, with PLC based process control possible
  • Vapour condensation unit along with a receiver
  • Vacuum pump system provided to match customer requirements.
  • Circular and rectangular drying systems ideal for small to moderate levels of production
  • Load cell system assimilation for lab models (optional)
  • cGMP construction for pharmaceutical models.
  • Integral Barrier Isolator with operator half suit as shown to right (optional)