Largest ANFD Manufacturer in India
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S2 Engineering Services is part of the Standard Group of Companies and specialists at designing and manufacturing Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryers (ANFD's).

The ANFD shown to the right is a 1KL (1,000 Litres) design which was exhibited at the CPHL Expo show in Delhi, India in December 2019.

The Standard Group is probably the largest manufacturer of ANFD's in India, with designs regularly being shipped from 5 Litres for Research and Development (R&D) laboratory work or pilot/prototype plant verification trials to 10KL (10,000 Litres) and larger for large production processes.

The Standard Group also manufacture integrated ANFD Discharge Isolators where required.

Contact us for further information on ANFDs and/or ANFDs with integrated barrier isolators.


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